Script to gather storage, hardware logs from Dell Cloudedge and Poweredge Servers

Log-bot script uses ipmitool, lshw, MegaCli to grab System event logs, controller logs and various hardware information. During execution the script checks for the ipmitool (delloem patched) and install it if its not available. The script takes 4-8 minute to complete. It is successfully tested on various Dell CloudEdge and PowerEdge servers running different Linux distributions.
List of logs it gathers:

  • -Fan rpm’s
  • -FRU information
  • -Power consumption and power history
  • -Power Supply
  • -DRAC info
  • -System event logs
  • -Temperature information
  • -Basic Linux command output: (df -h, dmesg, fdisk, free, fstab, lspci etc)
  • -Network Information
  • -Bus information
  • -Logical information
  • -Driver and firmware information
  • -Tape drive information
  • -Disk and volume information
  • -Controller & Vendor information
  • -Size & disk information
  • -Disk’s UUID
  • -Disk size & serial number
  • -BMC information
  • -GPGPU information
  • -Controller logs
  • -Partition information & other storage related information

Note: In each bundle there will be a execs.logs file which will have all the commands the script execute.


How to gather logs:

For previous versions click here
 Download the script by clicking on link or

root@theprojectbot:-# wget

 Extract the file using the command:

root@theprojectbot:-# tar -xvf log-bot_v2.tar.gz

 Navigate to the right directory using command:

root@theprojectbot:-# cd bot

 Run the script:

root@theprojectbot:-# python

Log-bot screenshot

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