Issue with iDRAC 7 display when installing openSUSE 12.3

Issue: When try to install openSUSE 12.3 via iDRAC7 the virtual console screen distorts as shown in the picture below.


Resolution: Boot the server from the DVD and on installation menu set the video mode to 1024×768 and on boot option set the kernel parameter to usbcore.autosuspend=-1 as shown below.


Explanation: Changing the Video mode to any other resolution fixes the display problem but on the other hand it disables the keyboard and mouse. This happen because some of the power management feature in the LFC/DRAC put the DRAC keyboard to temporary sleep when not being used. In this specific installation, for some reason the keyboard and mouse never came back up after sent to the temporary sleep. The usbcore.autosuspend=-1 parameter forces it so stay in action all the time and fixes the problem.

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