How to control indication light on Dell CloudEdge Servers?

There are multiple ways to do it:

Using BMC Tool

Download the BMC tar package from following link:
Extract the contents using command

root@theprojectbot:-#tar –xvf bmc-2014-01-08.tgz

Run the command:

root@theprojectbot:-#./bmc id_led blink

Note: Other command that can be used are: on|off|blink|fastblink
Note: BMC web interface does have a Chassis indication option which shows the current status of the lights but it doesn’t work. Dell is aware of this issue and currently working on a firmware fix.

Using ipmitool

The following ipmitool command will blink the indication light for 20 sec.

root@theprojectbot:-#ipmitool chassis identify 20

Note:The above command can be use on most of the Dell & HP servers.

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